New Shoes Prototype

I have a favorite pair of shoes that I like because they fit well, and they are made from a funky leather that you don’t find every day. I bought them in Prague from some shoe discounter fifteen years ago; but only started wearing them five years ago. I wore them until the soles had worn…



The mission of 7commons is to facilitate collaborative ownership and cooperative use of production resources that are too expensive to afford on your own too difficult to maintain too infrequently used to justify too rapidly depreciating given an individual level of use In the prototype offering, we are assessing the value of collaborative ownership by soliciting…


Animating the stencil ‘How-To’

Spent a bunch of time this weekend trying to work out how to show the stenciling process using an animation of the user’s uploaded stencil. Here’s what I have so far: This is a pretty large file, and it will take a long time to load, but I should be able to reduce the size…


Brindle’s Salt Marsh Cherries

Who doesn’t like sweet and salty? The inspiration was umeboshi, Japanese salted, dried plums. But for the US market, dried plums are too much like prunes. So, brined and dried cherries it is. For the last couple of years, I’ve sourced organic cherries from Washington, Oregon and Canada and brined them according to a secret formula….


Soap: Daytime TV Takes the Edge Off

Not sure why, but I’ve always found it easier to fall asleep when there’s a party going on in the next room. There’s something about the fountain of sound when lots of people are chatting away at the same time. Hence, Soap. Soap lets you choose the number of voices you want to hear simultaneously…



STiL is an app for smartphones that helps you capture a person, event or place using sound and images, and share it with friends, family, or the world. A sumry is rich and immersive–like a video, but compact–like an image. What is it like to be standing at the gates when your child gets out of…

How To Write a Toast

Did you ever get asked to ‘give some brief remarks’ at a conference? Ever been asked to give a wedding toast? It often feels like you have just enough time to get really nervous–but not really time to prepare. That is the motivation for ‘Slam’. Slam helps you organize your thoughts by speaking them, then…


SoundSalad: No Focus Group Required

My dad and I are both into sounds. I’ve never gotten heavily into video because it’s extremely expensive to produce good quality video; it’s hard to preview it; and it’s a real burden to watch video that is produced by amateurs. Sound is something else. Sound takes you back–sound helps you make sense of your…


House Beautiful?

As soon as the standing work table was together, I immediately sketched three new things that I wanted to make right away. One of them was an answer to a problem I’ve been having for a long time. Like most folks,  I’ve tried a half dozen different types of compact flourescents and have never found…


Stand Up and Work: Part 4

Got a little lively with the standing desk / table this weekend. Dark walnut stain: I like the ashy dark bown of it. I went ahead and stained the upper surfaces too–there’s enough variation in the dining room already.