Things you Forget

I had started with a design on paper, with a few dimensions and a sketch of how it goes together: I knew I wanted the table top to be 32 inches across at its widest point, and I felt that this would fit easily through the doors of my apartment. Tables have the special quality…


Stand Up and Work: Part 3

So after we did the cad, cutting, drilling and basic sanding at TechShop, we took the pieces home and I started fitting them together. This was my first time out with wood glue, and the three-legged construction doesn’t exactly lend itself to a standard clamp setup. So I use a bunch of exercise bands and…


Parts List for new Standing Desk

Parts list for standing desk: Two 36-inch pine table top rounds (pine: $40 each) Four palette 3×3’s (Doug fir, $1 each or free if you ask nice) 1-inch thick pine plank two 3/8-inch dowels wood glue We got all this in one go at Builder’s Supply Hardware. I expected to have to go back for…


Standing Up

Flex. Squirm. Hunch. Squirm. Stretch. Repeat. That was me for the last five years, working at my dining room table, sitting on a bench or a chair. My old Herman Miller chair moulders in the basement: I can’t seem to bring that bit of consulting-era industrial sitting-down-ness into my living space right now. So, on…



unJunk your mail with Zatchu Punch! Paper toys that you put together, Zatchu Punch is slouching toward retail–but also keeping a toe in the direct marketing world. Since moved to

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The coffee loyalty card, revisited: goloco

Goloco was a collaboration between me and Paul Freeman (more about Paul) with the support of a UK consultancy Incept5. The basic idea was to kill the paper loyalty card by absorbing every loyalty card in your wallet, and linking them to your email address through a mobile app, and (optionally) your own single physical…


The Perfect Meditation: Chimes

Based on a piece of electronic music created by my dad (see more on Art Hunkins), Chimes is a perfect ambient background for meditation: it approximates real chimes in light (or heavy) wind, and never repeats. This project started when Dad and I worked together to create an Android version of his electronic music piece, which…


Slinger: An app to promote the Sidewinder

With my cool tablet holster released and nobody buying it, I thought I should make an app to promote it. Turns out the app is way more popular than the holster. The idea was people needed a way to whip their phablet out with a flourish. So I turned my Android Nexus 7 into a six-shooter. When…

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Holster for your phablet?

Think Lara Croft or Han Solo. You wouldn’t see one of them at the Whole Foods pulling an iPad mini out of fanny pack; no–chances are, they would be sporting something like this. For sale at Zatchu Bags.



Shopping bags for your back. Stylin’ totes for your gadgets. Zatchu Bags is an experiment in small-scale local production of a line of sustainable market bags and accessories. Go to Zatchu Bags