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I live right on the J Church line in San Francisco, and there’s a fire station in the next block. So we have quite a bit of ambient noise through the night and early morning. I had gotten used to having my sleep disturbed, when my pal Helen lent me a white noise / sound…

The Twitter Jumbotron

How do you make a concert or live event more interactive? Why, by wrapping the Twitterverse around it, of course. The idea was to make it so that people could ‘talk’ at an event that doesn’t traditionally involve a conversation. Folks are connected constantly through Twitter and Facebook already as it is, and asking everyone…


Pykup: Get out and Play

Pykup gets you off the couch and into a game: without playing phone tag with your friends! Kids (and adults!) in San Francisco mostly don’t play pickup games anymore.┬áParents I know pay to register their kids in sports programs with professional coaches, traveling schedules, new uniforms, the works. Maybe they’re concerned about safety–they don’t want…