New Shoes Prototype

I have a favorite pair of shoes that I like because they fit well, and they are made from a funky leather that you don’t find every day. I bought them in Prague from some shoe discounter¬†fifteen years ago; but only started wearing them five years ago. I wore them until the soles had worn…


Animating the stencil ‘How-To’

Spent a bunch of time this weekend trying to work out how to show the stenciling process using an animation of the user’s uploaded stencil. Here’s what I have so far: This is a pretty large file, and it will take a long time to load, but I should be able to reduce the size…


SoundSalad: No Focus Group Required

My dad and I are both into sounds. I’ve never gotten heavily into video because it’s extremely expensive to produce good quality video; it’s hard to preview it; and it’s a real burden to watch video that is produced by amateurs. Sound is something else. Sound takes you back–sound helps you make sense of your…


House Beautiful?

As soon as the standing work table was together, I immediately sketched three new things that I wanted to make right away. One of them was an answer to a problem I’ve been having for a long time. Like most folks,¬† I’ve tried a half dozen different types of compact flourescents and have never found…


Stand Up and Work: Part 4

Got a little lively with the standing desk / table this weekend. Dark walnut stain: I like the ashy dark bown of it. I went ahead and stained the upper surfaces too–there’s enough variation in the dining room already.


Things you Forget

I had started with a design on paper, with a few dimensions and a sketch of how it goes together: I knew I wanted the table top to be 32 inches across at its widest point, and I felt that this would fit easily through the doors of my apartment. Tables have the special quality…


Stand Up and Work: Part 3

So after we did the cad, cutting, drilling and basic sanding at TechShop, we took the pieces home and I started fitting them together. This was my first time out with wood glue, and the three-legged construction doesn’t exactly lend itself to a standard clamp setup. So I use a bunch of exercise bands and…


Parts List for new Standing Desk

Parts list for standing desk: Two 36-inch pine table top rounds (pine: $40 each) Four palette 3×3’s (Doug fir, $1 each or free if you ask nice) 1-inch thick pine plank two 3/8-inch dowels wood glue We got all this in one go at Builder’s Supply Hardware. I expected to have to go back for…


Standing Up

Flex. Squirm. Hunch. Squirm. Stretch. Repeat. That was me for the last five years, working at my dining room table, sitting on a bench or a chair. My old Herman Miller chair moulders in the basement: I can’t seem to bring that bit of consulting-era industrial sitting-down-ness into my living space right now. So, on…